My Work

Crypto Asset Explorer
  • Pulls data from 1000+ project Github repositories
  • Built with PHP, HTML, CSS, PostgresSQL
  • Managing 2 ecommerce stores
  • 6 months from $30k to $100k ARR
  • 2 months from $100k to $200k ARR
  • Leading teams in: Development, SEO, Social Media, Paid Campaigns, Email Marketing, Partnerships, etc.
Habit Streaks
  • Designed and developed app to solve my own problem. 
  • Built out product road map based on customer development.
  • Ran marketing campaigns across various channels.
  • ASO optimization and localization drove most downloads. 
  • 60,000+ users and 110,000+ habits created.
  • Localization boosted downloads and sales by 50%.
  • Total sales of $4,970. Sold to outside investor for $8,550.
Animal Selfie
  • Hired team in India to build out app.
  • Drove cost per download to $0.12 cents by testing different channels.
  • Learned that my code was better than those I had hired.
  • Sales of $1,000. Sold app for $1,750 few months after launch.
  • Designed and developed app in Objective-C.
  • Built social features using Parse Cloud Code (JavaScript).
  • Developed real time chat using Firebase database.
  • Created story line and animation for explainer video.
Colombia Flyboard
  • Designed website with the goal of making it a revenue generating channel.
  • Developed website with HTML, CSS and JS framework Bootstrap.
  • Designed and implemented Mixpanel analytics for funnel optimization.
  • Implemented jQuery plugins for responsive image slideshows and backgrounds